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BTNG ("beating") is a Boston area TNG(external link) group (ages 18-35) dedicated to outreach and education for young Boston kinksters. Our goal is to create a safe space to introduce new kinksters into the Boston scene and help foster a sense of community among them.

We do this by vetting local TNG events, local kink events, creating our own events, and providing members with a set of greeters (aka the Beaters). The Beaters are well known TNG-aged community members that have graciously volunteered to be social access points for newer members to the Boston kink community.

The main aspect of our group is focused at fetlife(external link) and we highly recommend that those interested in getting involved in the kink community join fetlife(external link) as well as our group(external link) on fetlife and other tng based groups in the Boston area (such as Boston TNG(external link)).

BTNG hosts a munch(external link) on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Prudential Center food court.

The BTNG organizers are also working on recreating periodic classes entitled BTNG Presents. Periodically a kink and BDSM related topic will be presented so that TNG-aged kinksters and newbies can learn in an a safe and friendly environment. The BTNG organizers are also working with other community leaders to create a monthly kink 101. Both of the classes are still works in progress, but we'll hopefully have them going soon.

A major purpose of BTNG is not to host events, but to help expose and introduce young Boston kinksters to local events and the Boston TNG community. BTNG selected events are events from the local Boston community we feel will be of interest and benefit to our members.

There are no dues or fees associated with being a BTNG member; simply join our fetlife group(external link), come out to our events, and meet all of us! On the other hand, being a part of BTNG will provide special deals and opportunities for kink events in Boston and the surrounding areas.

This group is intended for people between the ages of 18 and 35 who have an interest in the Boston BDSM, fetish, and kink scene. If you are outside this age range, this group is not for you. Be an adult and please respect this rule.

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